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Student Testimonials

"Dr. Poehailos has been one of my favorite teachers and people to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable, has a huge bag of tricks, personalizes lessons, has a wonderful sound, and wants to get to know his students. I had the opportunity to work with him for a semester at Penn State and also the summer before my senior year. He over prepared me for all auditions, recitals, juries, and lesson material that I was working on throughout the year. He always made all lessons fun, attainable, and seemingly easy no matter how much or what I came prepared to play. As a person, Dr. Poehailos cares about his students more than most people I have learned from. He understands some of the stresses and life struggles that students go through from time to time, and will always put them in a better mood. I still and will continue to take lessons from Dr. Poehailos because I do not know where I would be without him as a player and person."

-Penn State B.M.E. student, Class of 2020


"Even though I only got to work with him for one semester, I felt like I grew in both the technique of my clarinet playing and in gaining a more positive outlook on my own ability. I appreciated his patience in our lessons; I never felt uninvited to ask clarifying questions or to give input. In fact, he often invited my involvement in the lesson, and he never simply just told me what to do. I gained a technique of emotionally analyzing the music and translating the feelings into technique, which I had never been able to do before. This led to a breakthrough in my playing where I was no longer just playing the notes and rhythms, which I had often felt like I was doing before. The tools he gave me allowed me to succeed in my own individual practice sessions and motivated me to practice because of the results I was noticing, even if they were small. Dr. Poehailos is a wonderful teacher who is knowledgeable and knows how to adjust his approach to better suit the needs of the student."

-Florida State B.M.E. student, Class of 2021

"I had the fine opportunity to study clarinet with Dr. Poehailos for a semester while he was filling in for Dr. Costa at Penn State during his sabbatical. Not only was he a detailed, knowledgeable, and through teacher, but he went out of his way to make sure each and every one of his students had what they needed to be successful as musicians and as human beings. Dr. Poehailos had numerous exercises and resources to couple any type of performance issue I had in lessons, and always encouraged me to have faith in myself. He supported us at every dress rehearsal, concert, and recital that we asked him to be at. Getting to hear him play in lessons and in his own recitals was inspiring. Besides his high level of clarinet pedagogy, Dr. Poehailos was an exceptionally talented conductor as he directed the Penn State clarinet choir in a very successful concert."

-Penn State M.M. student, Class of 2021

I studied with Dr. Poehailos for two years at Florida State University. During that time, I not only learned how to better my clarinet technique, but I learned how to be musical. At the beginning of my junior year, my confidence in being a clarinetist was quite low, but Dr. Poehailos did not give up on me. He was a very patient and a very understanding teacher. Over time and with his help, my confidence grew back, and I was fully prepared to perform in master classes, wind seminar, and my senior recital. Dr. Poehailos is very a knowledgeable and a fantastic clarinetist and anyone who works with him can only expect great results.

-Florida State B.A. Music student, Class of 2019

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